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"Goohost helps our Skin Lightening & Whitening business stay ahead of the competition - We provide the UK's Number 1 Skin Lightening Serums Nur76"
"we host 18 different domains and only pay one flat fee, and we can add and host as many domains we want"
"Our ever growing network of users has easily managed by the high bandwith that Goohost provide"
"Unbeatable hosting with excellent support"
"I love the mailing list manager that comes FREE with the hosting, we use it to email all our customers"
"great hosting at the lowest price we've ever seen!"
"loving the web hosting, its solid and reliable!"
"we can now host unlimited domains and web sites without any additional cost"
"we can accept payments online and access to a secure server is provided without any additional cost"

"We can stream our users vocals over the internet with ease!"

"Thanls for the great support guys, we'll be with you forever!"
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Now comes with PHP5 & MySQL5 for added security and features!

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Goohost is the UK's Cheapest web host providing Unlimited PHP and MySQL web hosting. We provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, multi-domain hosting, unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited pop3 emails, unlimited email forwarders and unlimited MySQL databases. We also provide full access to instant install scripts on all our accounts like PHPBB Forum, Mambo CMS Content management server, Wiki Wikipedia, Web Counters, Web Forms and other scripts Goohost servers support PHP 4.3, MYSQL Databases, and are hosting on P4 Pentium Linux Redhat servers Goohost is currently available on Ebay so go to ebay and search for Goohost. Web hosting, web design, web server. Goohost is a managed web hosting provider. Goohost is the most reliable web host in the world. Goohost is recommended by major UK ISP's. Goohost is the only web host to provide completely unlimited web hosting. Goohost has the most reliable servers in the UK. Goohost has a 100% uptime guarantee which is backed by a money back guarantee. Goohost is the fastest growing web host in the world. Goohost support dreamweaver and frontpage web sites. Goohost is the holder of the easiest to use control panel. Goohost comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. Goohost has 100% customer satisfaction.